Yes, I Give You Permission. Take a Break. & FREE Printable Help

Yes, I Give You Permission. Take a Break. (& I’ll give you a FREEBIE to Help)

You’re weary, and you feel like ‘dem bones have been carrying this weight for a hundred years. 

I’m speaking directly to you. 

You, who wake up while it’s still dark to get some work done. The kind that only gets done when you’re not being pulled in twelve other directions at the same time.

You, who has to keep a master list of your schedules, and tasks, and to-dos, and needs, and requests – and everyone else’s lists as well – because your executive function capabilities haven’t been rebooted in a long time, and your pattern is full.

You, who has forgotten how to live, and what living is really all about.  You maybe used to know that “life should be all living”, but that’s lost somewhere between the bags under your eyes, time, and the frustration you feel rising up in your chest.

You're weary, and you feel like 'dem bones have been carrying this weight for a hundred years. Click To Tweet

Yes, I know you.

You’re aiming for perfection and these crazy-high Pinterest standards of society, and if only all those Facebook friends online really knew where you were at, well, they would surely not think so highly of you.

Take a deep breath. <<In.>>  <<Out.>> 

Let me tell you something: You’re wonderful.  You care so much that you don’t want to fail. But, you are no good to anyone if you don’t recuperate, which you need to do regularly.

So, what I’m going to give you permission to do is: you’re going to schedule – pencil it in if you have to – a break.  You’re going to take yourself on retreat.  

Taking Me on Retreat Lake Sunrise

Retreat = a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.  Sounds glorious, doesn’t it?

Taking Me on Retreat to the Middle of Nowhere

Because believe it or not, while I know you are a super person, you do not have superhuman capabilities, and you are not a robot.  You are a person, created for relationship and joy, work and sabbath, serving and higher-thought, love.  We often forget this. We often neglect this. Breathe in.

You need nurtured just as we all do. Renewed. Refreshed. Reconnected.  That’s why this time of rest was created in our week in the first place.  Exhale now.

You can be even more super than you already are right now by serving yourself up some Sabbath. Whether it’s only for 15-minutes every other day, or 3-days, I’m going to help you prepare for it. 

Using the FREE worksheet (find it below), think upon the following and scratch down your plan. 

1. Write down whatever time you can steal yourself away.

You may be in the state of life right now where you can only find ten minutes locked in the bathroom.  If this is you, this is still time you need! Seize it and give thanks for it.

2. You’re going to ask yourself a hard question: What really renews me? 

Think hard of the times when you feel most rejuvenated.  What did you do prior to that time? Was it a nap, nature, books, conversation, shooting guns, trying something new? Whatever it was, this is what you will do with majority of your retreat time. 

But, I warn you. Don’t be frivolous with this precious time (hint: NO MINDLESS FACEBOOK SURFING!).  Be a good steward of it, and you will be rewarded.

3. You will need to prepare a few things beforehand: the who’s and the what’s.

The Who’s would be the one’s who will directly miss your presence. 

Your kiddos, your spouse, your employer, and the like. Prepare them to fend for themselves (of course, leaving for them some well-prepared goodies to make-do). Prepare them to respect your retreat time.  They will be the beneficiaries of its royalties.

The What’s are the plans and items that you need to make this happen. 

Whether you need to make a reservation, or even give the signal to you’re loved ones that your retreat time is starting, get all things in order so you won’t be tied to worry on retreat.  Also, prepare the items that you will take with you. A few recommendations I have for you would be a journal similar to this, some choice reading (may I recommend my blog, Equipping Life!!), proper outside attire (because you HAVE to spend some time outside), and your favorite snacks and drinks.

Oh, one more warning, (’cause you and I, we need these kind of warnings) DON’T bring “work” with you.  I promise, it won’t go anywhere.  It’ll be ready to wrap around you like all the other’s when you walk back into home.

4. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, remember to find Silence.

On our handy, free worksheet, jot down some focus words with regards to God, Man (others), the Universe (creation), and You.  Think upon your knowledge of these, your relation to them. Pray. Listen. Breathe. Then, aim. 

Taking Me on Retreat Lake Stillness

There.  Now, get to it. Get your Worksheet below, think, plan, prepare, retreat.  Repeat, often.

This is just as much a part of living as all the rest of our reality.  A restful retreat gives us renewed strength and focus, peace and vigor, and it nurtures our person, making us better able to nurture other persons – our ultimate living.

So, before you get your

FREE Retreat Worksheet below, do me a favor, will ya? 

Share this with other weary souls who need permission, to take a break!

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