Tea Label Wisdom, Episode 6 – We Are Born Wise

“We are born wise, we are born complete.”


Teal Label Wisdom, We are Born Wise


I could see the next sentence being:

…But then we grow up and turn into 20-somethings.

…But, if this is true, why is <insert name> so ignorant?

…So, eating Tide Pods….?

…What went wrong?

So now let me ask a few questions of my own.  Entertain me:

Do we lose wise-ness after birth?

If so, Why & Where does it go? How do we lose it?

Are we, then, less complete because we lose it?

If you’re saying we are just as wise as we were at birth, well, why do we screw up so much and screw so much up?

Why do so many act as if they’re incomplete and trying to fill voids within themselves and others?

Is this someone’s warped version of utopia and I’ve just missed the memo?

I have a pretty good theory as to why this Tea Label is so, well, apparently un-wise.  

It’s simply that, way back in the day there was this man and woman that were born in pretty perfect conditions.  They were even able to talk with the Word from which wisdom flows.  But, one fine day, they were offered, tempted one might say, to partake in the fruit of a tree that would make them all-knowing.  They just weren’t very wise, we can definitively say because they were told specifically not to do that very thing, and not only that but what would be the consequences.  But, nonetheless, they were deceived and they ate, and this choice of theirs, this very unwise choice of their will, has left humanity lacking ever after.  Incomplete.

That was until the Word became humanity and redeemed our sad incompleteness, making it possible now to be perfected in Him.

Once again able to find wisdom and completeness (and a whole host of other Grace) offered only through Him.

So, “We are born wise, we are born complete.” I think not.  We’ve been proving this statement false for quite some time now. Good try tea label.

Being born to be wise and complete – this was how it was supposed to be, in the beginning.  It’s how we will be in the end.

But yea, we’re somewhere in between, and, if we have eyes to see, we’d be wisely working toward being complete in The Way.


Tea Label Wisdom, We are Born Wise

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