Tea Label Wisdom, Episode 5 – In the Beginning

Tea Label Wisdom, Episode 5 – In the Beginning

I’ve talked about stories before (click to read). I really like stories.

This tea label seems to outline a story, doesn’t it?  And, on the surface, it’s all about me.

{heavy sarcasm warning}

Tea Label Wisdom - In the Beginning

But, really, what in the world is it talking about? In the beginning, middle and end is me.

For Pete’s sake. Writing tea labels is the best job ever. But, I digress.

Naturally, we think it’s talking about the story of you, or me, or each of us.  And it is, I suppose.

Our own personal life and what we want to do with it. From that viewpoint, yes, no matter what comes and goes in our own life, there will always remain me, or you.  Perhaps, because of this fact, it’s saying that we should focus on the “me”.

But, let’s think outside that Self-paradigm, to the bigger story that I see.

The one that all our short stories are a part of.  Let’s think of the actual beginning.  Like, as in, before any of this, way before the you or the me even existed.

What was there?  It wasn’t us.  I know of one Book that tells us Who was there.  Always, who was and is and is to come. In the beginning, there was nothing and everything.  There was void and the All in All.  There was the Word, Love and ultimate Creative Power.

Then, there started to be you’s and me’s.

And here we are, in the middle.  You and me.

And for only such a short time.  Us, but a mist, a vapor.  Here and, then, at our end, gone from here.

So, how can we puff ourselves up, as this tea label implies, when we are such a minor part of a much larger narrative?  How can I make all this all about me?

It is true that we have power; the power to affect – our interactions, our beliefs, our affections – they affect families, nature, nations, thought, the future and history. Our lives were given to us not for nothing but for a purpose; each one of us.

But, when I think about all the “me’s” that have been here and are now gone, the ones that are held in high-esteem and are remembered much longer after their life here has evaporated, whose effects stand out above time and memory, they have lived for a good that was beyond themSelves. Their “me” wasn’t the focus of their lives. At All.

Their impact was not in lifting themselves up for all to adore, as if they were the all-in-all, but in using themselves to move a people toward truth and love and what is right. They pointed to truth in the midst of error and lived to their end because they realized that they, in and of themselves, were given a beginning and they were also not the end.  And we honor them because of it.

So, yes, we get the choice to make our life about the “me” but in the end we’ll be remembered for it.

See, in the beginning is the One whom, in the end we’ll be returning to.

Therefore, it is only when we have the perspective of HIStory and our place in it that we can then make the most out of our beginning, middle and end.

Do you really think it should be focused on the “me”?


Share with us the person you hold in high esteem and why.

Tea Label Wisdom - In the Beginning


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