Tea Bag Label Wisdom – Episode 3 – Nothing Like You

Tea Bag Label Wisdom – Episode 3

Nothing Like You

This Episode you will realize that there is really nothing like you. 

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Nothing Like You Tea Bag Label Wisdom

So said my parents.

Cuing in on the level of exasperation at which my parents were speaking to me in, I could tell they really meant it. And, they didn’t want another one of me either.

Maybe that’s where these tea label writers get some of their material; from their parents.  Or, perhaps they’ve said it themselves.  Nonetheless, I say they have one of the best jobs ever.  That, and being a meteorologist.  I digress.

I can see myself saying these words, however; yes, in exasperation, but also in realization.

Isn’t it just amazing that in all this time, and in all the millions of zygotes that could have formed between the love of your parents that fateful day, that it is YOU which is here?

YOU, and none other. All the uniqueness that is you: that gait of yours, that smile, the sound of your voice, the way you chew your food, the thoughts, the perspective – there is truly nothing like you, never was and never shall be. 

No, some chance evolution of the gene pool couldn’t make you again.  Or could it?

You’re certainly too extraordinary for that.  It’s as if the Designer knew exactly what He was doing . And at your making, knew exactly whom He had already made, and whom He would create as well.  So, that you would never be replicated. 

Entirely and utterly nothing like you; and you can thank the tea label writers for bringing it to your attention.

Don’t you feel special? 

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Tea Label Wisdom, Episode 3, Nothing Like You



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