Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” – Episode 2 – Let Yourself

Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” – Episode 2

Let Yourself

This installment of Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” will find you questioning why you’ve been holding yourself back. 

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Tea Bag Label Wisdom Let Yourself Be Successful


Yea.  Bam.  That’s “them” talking to you.  And to me.  We’d be a whole lot further down the road in our game if we would just let ourselves be successful. 

Here we are. Our own worst enemies. 

Here we are. Our own worst enemies. Click To Tweet

Fighting against our own self; one step forward, two steps backward.  Reaching for that mountain-top that always seems to be just out of grasp; like we’re shackled by some heavy bungee cord.  {boing}  We’re on one end, Self is anchoring the other.



We keep running hard on that hamster-wheel, seemingly getting no where fast.  Neverendingly striving and searching; barely seeing any fruit for our labors.  And, the whole time, it’s us to blame.  Point that finger at Self.

finger pointing

Now, if this doesn’t apply to you, it’s great to meet you. I need to shake your hand.  You are the apparent evidence of what can happen when we unshackle the ‘me‘ from Self.  Tell me, if I may ask, the story of when you realized it was you holding your “me” back? Have you attained what “they” also say success is?

As I ponder, there is truth in this. Do you see it?

Self sure does shackle us. 

Self sure does shackle us.  Click To Tweet

chained shackled by Self

Making us all attached to things that keep “me” down. Putting itSelf at the center of its own little world.  And, it’s tenacious, I think.  Just when we think ourself free, it snatches us back.  We’re going to have to be vigilant, eh?

So, maybe if we did a little more finger-pointing at Self, start realizing what we are and are not, what Self is and is not, realizing more about what Self is doing to “I”, we might feel that success. Except it won’t be the success “they” keep talking about; it will be true success and freedom from Self.

unshackled freedom

That mountain-top success that transcends this world and the faux-success it has to offer.


What do you think? Have you been keeping yourself from success?

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Tea Bag Label Wisdom, Episode 2, Let Yourself




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