Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” – Episode 1

Tea Bag Labels & the Tea Bag Label Writers


Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” & The Best Job Ever


Our family drinks all different kinds of tea: loose, bagged, imported, wild-harvested, etcetera. None give us, however, such a dose of “wisdom” and entertainment than those which come with inspiring labels.

They provide us with a plethora of fun, good conversation, Truth-talk and jokes.

They are such a treasure trove, I’d be remiss to not share. {Heavy Sarcasm Warning}

Take this one for instance:

Yogi Tea Wisdom Labels You don't need love, you are love

Wow! I’m not sure I have ever known this.  I mean, if I am love than the only reason to ever interact with anyone besides myself is for money and toilet paper. Right? What else do I need?

I wished that I had started drinking this particular tea about 30 years ago. It would have saved me from all this faulty thinking regarding showing love and receiving love.  Saved me from believing that Love actually IS, and is imparted to us from a Perfect Source.  And, if I think real hard, I’m sure that I have felt the need for love as well.

Kinda sad, though.  I sure enjoyed giving love. And, I equally enjoyed receiving love.  Never knew that I was the love.

I’m not as good at being love as I knew the Real Thing to be.

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“You don’t need love, you are the love.”
I wonder what Love would say about this?



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Tea Bag Label Wisdom Episode 1

4 thoughts on “Tea Bag Label “Wisdom” – Episode 1

  1. Hey Monica, My name is Evelyn Foreman, and I approve this message!! <3 Yes, you ARE – you are the love that exists, that came to be, to remember itself in expression. You are at once, in this instances, and the next, without the confines of roles and obligations, labels and adjectives, You are LOVE. <3

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