Saying No to the Marketplace Monster

Saying No to the Marketplace Monster

Checking Our Needs & Putting Our Desires in Check

We think we need a whole lot these days, don’t we? The latest this. A newer that. 

Or it’s possible, we tell ourselves, that we will need that thing (whatever it is) some day, so we should pick it up now because “that’s an awesome deal”. I’d save a lot of money.  I mean, it may never go on sale again, or, worse, the world may run out of it. {GASP!} And, yes, we deserve it!  This is justification at it’s best. 

I take my shopping list of the items we actually need into the store with me; every time.  I come out of said store with a whole bunch of other stuff I needed that wasn’t on my list; every time. And, I feel guilty; every time. 

See, I started paying attention to my Self. I notice my weakness in the areas of old stuff, kid stuff, “that’s a good deal” stuff, and books.  I also see those times when I satisfy the need for pizza when my grocery and dining budget have already been exhausted. (I know the pizza thing is costly to my pocketbook and my waistline, but is the book thing actually a bad thing? Please, tell me no.)

I have felt the lure of and succumbed to consumerism many times. 

Running with the MasterCard in hand

Not only have I realized that my will is up against billions of dollars in marketing and a society that is constantly in upgrade mode, but more importantly, I realized I had an issue with financial ignorance, contentment with what I have, and discipline over my desires.

See, our misguided desires have hijacked our self-control, gagged our voice for simplicity with the Sunday ads, and are now running with our MasterCard in hand to the nearest sale rack.

And our pocketbooks and our peace are paying for it.  It’s quite a vicious cycle that millions are drowning in.  Paycheck to paycheck, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Letting some bill fall into overdue status because that new gadget had to be gotten. Making ourselves slaves to the lender. 

I remember being taught, “You’ll always have a car payment, so you might as well have the one you want.”  So, I traded-in and upgraded as soon as I could, never paying off a car.  And, I was always worried about making that gigantic $600 monthly payment, that never ended.  

That was until the Lord and my husband started speaking truth and freedom into my financial life.  They have been the main catalysts and rebukers in my spending reformation, and I have come to some pretty savvy realizations.  Since having the veil removed from my consumerism eyes, I have some insights to share with you. Read on!

FIRST: Know Your Self. Know Your Needs.

Knowing your Self is a game changer.  See, typically, the thing that causes most any of your problems is YOU alone.  

That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is true.  And Truth sets us free.  So, this is the truth in the case of unchecked desires and frivolous spending. We need to start pointing that finger at ourselves, and the desires that rule our actions. Get mad at your Self and the way it always undermines your good intentions toward a better goal. This is your motivation for change.

How do we do that? We examine!

If something in our life is bringing negative consequences upon us, seek out the cause.  Since the cause usually lies in something we are doing, beginning with a desire, feeling or emotion, seek it out in your Self.  What misplaced desire is leading me down this road again and again? 

Pay attention to the emotions and feelings that are attached to your spending habits. Once you can see and be conscious of these and how they can be used tempt your actions, especially when the Marketplace Monster is talking, you will then be able to put your finger on your impulses and control your spending habit.  You have to be conscientious about YOU. 

Ask yourself some questions: why am I having this feeling (after seeing that advertisement, after seeing so-and-so wearing that, etc.)? Does acquiring things bring me a certain emotion, or status, I’m trying to hold on to? How long does this feeling last?  Does the rest of my life pay the consequence when I spend without need? How is it effecting others? At the end of the day, what am I truly aiming for?  What’s more worth it: the fleeting feeling or recognition I get when I buy something, or the peace of mind and sense of success when I am financially responsible?

Know your needs.  This is simple stuff.  You DO NOT need a whole lot.  That’s the truth.  You know it; we all know it . 

We just choose to ignore it when we’re not being vigilant in the face of the Marketplace Monster and all it’s trying to sell us.

You don’t need a bag full of makeup, 15 pairs of shoes, or a closet full of clothes. You do not need 3,000+ square feet to barely live in, nor a $60,000+ vehicle.  No one needs a washing machine which we can start from a phone so smart it can tell and sell us what we’re craving.

You need food, shelter, clothing, truth, beauty and love.  Everything else is want.

Knowing is half the battle, and the first step you have to take is toward the realization of Self, and why it’s your biggest obstacle.

Your Self is Your Biggest Obstacle

SECOND: Drive a Stake in the Ground.  Say NO to You.

When you’re ready to change how you live, you will be willing to drive a stake into the ground.  You are more than ready to say “Enough!”  Then you will easily resist the Marketplace Monster, and now your strong intentions are set upon solid ground.  

Realize: You are really saying no to you here!

We haven’t liked being told ‘No’ since we were tots.  But, as we eventually grew up to learn, being told ‘No’ was and is really for our own good. And, in time again, you will learn to appreciate that you can tell yourself no, for your own good.  

“NO! I have no need to go shopping this Saturday. I know that I’ll only be tempted to buy something I really don’t need.”  “NO! I don’t even need to open those ads today.”  “NO! There is no good reason for me to click on that shoe banner.  My shoes are just fine!”

You start getting smart and defensive about the barrage from the Marketplace Monster, and what your weak Self would like you to do.  You become protective about what you let occupy your time and mindspace; about what you spend that hard-earned money on. And you won’t allow your Self to be tempted; because you know your Self now.

It doesn’t mean that you always have to be told no, but it does mean that those desires, those emotions that used to drive us through the aisles are no longer in control. 

So, stake your claim. Own it!

Stake Your Claim. Own It.

THIRD: Change Your Mentality. Change Your Heart.

Changing your mindset and your lifestyle is a process.  Rarely is someone able to completely change their ways and retrain their thinking and habits overnight without fail. 

Living, and spending, within your means is the change of lifestyle which you need to embrace. And this takes a change of heart; a change of mindset.  A change from within toward contentment.  Contentment is being satisfied or happy with one’s situation in life.  I believe that it’s being thankful for one’s life and all it entails. 

When you start with contentment, and then are motivated to start living within your means, it is then that you realize that every decision you make to spend is well-calculated and within good reason.  You will no longer be carried away by the Marketplace Monster that is doing it’s best to strike your fancy and your feelings.  

Only by learning and practicing contentment as a mentality and lifestyle, will you experience riches no matter your assets or income.  

So, no longer believe that you need a better paying job, or to win the lottery. Don’t believe that ballin’ like Jay-Z or George Lucas would make you happy (no, it really wouldn’t), unless you’ve mastered contentment.

Start by retraining your mindset through Contentment.  Keep focused on your motivation.  Make new habits.   

Retrain your Brain. Make New Habits.



Later I will talk about other steps forward you should take toward financial freedom.  Join me then to learn about financial education, and how to enact a simple financial plan, plus a freebie.

Now, it’s up to you to help someone else by sharing!

Saying No to the Marketplace Monster

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