Equipping Vision …if you have eyes to see… | 1st Week of February, 2018

It’s that time of the week for enlarging and renewing our perspective.  


From the breadth of our world, our community.


1.  What’s Your Excuse for Not Getting Outside?


2. This Doggie Knows How to Pick Some Great Locations for His Walk


3. Handicraft Goals!  He Thinks of “Simplicity and Cleanliness” & then Creates Divine Patterns

Photo by @mr_riu RIU (@mr_riu) prefers to express himself in black and white. “The way I work, I do not use any colored paper, any coloring or any glue. I think it’s about simplicity and cleanliness,” says the artist from Japan who creates complex patterns out of a single sheet of paper. Depending on the piece, it can take more than 30 hours before RIU completes production. But despite the tiring nature of his work, which requires a lot of concentration, according to RIU, it is precisely this concentrated feeling of fatigue that leads to the feeling of accomplishment that follows. “I hope that I can help people find strength in their lives,” he says. Watch today’s story to see more of his intricate paper art.

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4. Take Hold of the Remaining Winter to Have Some Warm Moments.


5. One of These is Not Like the Other Ones. But Don’t Tell Him That!


May You Have Eyes to See.

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Equipping Vision, Week 3

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