End of Winter Tree Buds

The Buds are Building for Bursting

We have been seeing more and more signs of spring being right around our corner in the Midwest.  So, as we looked closer into the anatomy of the branch, leafs and buds of a tree in late winter, we each took turns dissecting, scale by scale, a few buds from the trees outside. 

Soft Maple Buds in Late Winter


What was inside? When did these buds form? Would we see signs of spring? 

A couple picked Soft Maple buds, a couple picked Peach buds.  After some scaffolding, we started entries into our journals.

Nature Journals, End of Winter Buds

Of course, that meant magnifying lenses and microscopes.

Cman Microscoping Maple Buds

And, what a beautiful enlightening when one digs a little deeper, delves a little further.  There might be something there you didn’t expect to find.

Microscope image of internal Maple Bud

One saw sap globules inside her bud, one found the sprout of a soon-to-be flower.  

This is wonder, observation and the essence of science.


What signs of spring are you seeing?

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