At the End – A Memorial

At the End

A Memorial Piece

In Loving Memory

At the end, we grieve and we celebrate.  We mourn and we live on.  We are weak and we are strong.  We’ve lost and we remember.  Here these days, and in Him.

It’s a hard reality to know the point when to let someone go.  When to sign papers to not save someone. 

Though we sometimes don’t realize, that power and decision, by the mercy of God, is not ours to make.  It is His.  And that is a blessing.  He surpasses our understanding, and He is good.


At the end, the room was stuffed.  Could we fit any more love in that room?

She was surrounded for precious days and precious moments.

He surrounds us all, all the time, everywhere.

At the end, she struggled to breathe, her heart to beat; and so did we.

He is Perfect Compassion, Perfect Sympathy.

At the end, she was frail; a body worn with duties and life.

He has perfected her in Faith through our Savior.

At the end, she was still so strong, never one to succumb to this life’s pressures.

He is our Fortitude.

At the end, she was lifeless; and we grieve for our own loss.

He is Perfect Peace.

At the end, she was called, and there she is. She has gained.

He is Faithful.

At the end, she has no end.

He is all-powerful.  Faith defeats death.

He wrote on her heart when His breath became hers, it was Him that allowed her last breath.

She rejoined her Maker.

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At the End Memorial



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  1. Great post! For True Believers, Christianity offers a comfort. As a Secular Humanist and Buddhist, Cosmic Evolution and the fact that nothing is created or destroyed, merely transformed and reintegrated into the Cosmos, is a comparable comfort. I respect authentic Christians, and am an active non-believer member of an Historic African-American Baptist Church in Georgetown (Washington, DC). I do not envy the certainty your faith provides. Knowing that the Cosmos is a natural phenomena I am a part of is certainty enough for me. [My own 67-year spiritual journey is along story: See

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