A Simple Timepiece

It’s a timepiece. I say that, and I bought it, on purpose. It’s simple mechanisms keeping, and a simple face with which to look. And from time to time, I’m very appreciative of its simple ticking.        

Holiness & Purity are States of Truth

  Holiness and Purity are states that we know must be truth. For why would we have a taste of them in compassion, in the eyes and love of a child? When, for a moment, our hearts are filled with Devotion.        

Alabama – Battleship Memorial Park

Watson Kiddos under big guns - Battleship

March 14, 2018 – Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, Alabama     I marvel at the feat of engineering genius it is, even today, to have constructed the USS Alabama & the USS Drum. Everything is so properly placed, every inch of space put to its best use; the coordination and organization of every wire, bolt, and gauge. The priority placed,…

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As the Soul Love the Body…So Does the Parent Their Child

“The body hates the soul and wars against it, not because of any injury the soul has done it, but because of the restriction the soul places on its pleasure.”  – Letter to Diognetus How hard a truth this is to see; and then, how hard it is to train up the self-control to subdue the desires of our flesh. …

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Reminders in the Managing of Persons

Encourage through positive affirmation of right behavior in the person. Focus not on what ISN’T begin done, or any negative doings, but on what should have been done, positively. It’s not really about the work itself, but on the effort put into the working. It’s not about the thing, it’s about the person, honing their skills, forming habits and attention.  Trying…

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End of Winter Tree Buds

The Buds are Building for Bursting We have been seeing more and more signs of spring being right around our corner in the Midwest.  So, as we looked closer into the anatomy of the branch, leafs and buds of a tree in late winter, we each took turns dissecting, scale by scale, a few buds from the trees outside.   …

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Equipping Vision …if you have eyes to see… | 1st Week of February, 2018

Equipping Vision, Week 3

It’s that time of the week for enlarging and renewing our perspective.     From the breadth of our world, our community.   1.  What’s Your Excuse for Not Getting Outside? Photo by @anastasiagav Frigid temperatures of -53 degrees Fahrenheit (-47 Celsius) can’t stop Anastasia Gruzdeva (@anastasiagav) from getting outside this time of year — even if it means her eyelashes freeze…

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Tea Label Wisdom, Episode 6 – We Are Born Wise

Tea Label Wisdom, We are Born Wise

“We are born wise, we are born complete.”     I could see the next sentence being: …But then we grow up and turn into 20-somethings. …But, if this is true, why is <insert name> so ignorant? …So, eating Tide Pods….? …What went wrong? So now let me ask a few questions of my own.  Entertain me: Do we lose wise-ness…

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